What is LegalRadius?

LegalRadius is an effective and productive solution to case management for your law firm.

Give your legal team the ability to easily share and review their video depositions, prepare designations for trial, and streamline the designation exchange process with opposing counsel.

Review teams enjoy fast, reliable streaming of synchronized video depositions over the Web - available from anywhere at any time. This eliminates the burden of sharing and transferring video files to co-counsel and experts for review.

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“I've used LegalRadius for a few trials now and each time the product is better than before. They listen to your concerns and suggestions and always find a way to help resolve any issues quickly. The attention that they pay to you and your goals helps to create a seamless process.”

Kim F. Litigation Paralegal, Louisiana

“The deposition review tool allowed our team to review and annotate testimony seamlessly. The ability to centralize our ideas and testimony analysis proved to be invaluable throughout trial.”

William Tracey, Case Manager


Transcript Tools

Review, annotate, and share transcripts with your trial team.

Document Management

Conduct powerful searches, organize and annotate documents.

Team Collaboration

Team access to work product, transcripts and case documents

Affordable Pricing

Pay as you go instead of paying an annual fee.